Loans for Small Business: How To Get Business Capital.

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How To Get Business Capital:

Getting loans for small business is perhaps the hardest way to obtain general funding for a small business. Banks and other financial institutions generally won’t lend a small business owner funds without a substantial foundation regarding their financial history and assets.

If you’re a small business owner who can’t get a loan based on your current business capital, you can instead apply for a business cash advance.

The use of a business advance for business capital is actually quite easy and smart. Your basically advanced cash based on future credit card sales and repayment is done with an agreed upon small percentage out of your daily credit cards sales. So when you have good days, you pay a little more and when you have slow days you pay less.

Upon receiving a business cash advance, you can use the funds for whatever you need. Business capital, inventory, supplies, stock on hand, new equipment or whatever you need the money for.

The amount of money available from business cash advance is based upon the cash flow received from a business’ monthly credit card charges. Typically you can get up to twice your monthly credit card sales.

Most financial institutions will require a small business to accept credit cards as a form of payment before applying for the loan, which includes earning at least $5,000 in credit card sales per month. They also need to have been operating for at least one year.

When used responsibly for business capital a business advance really makes sense. It solves the old problem of “it takes money to make money!”

For example lets say that you get an opportunity to buy your supplies or product from your wholesaler at deep discounts if you buy a certain amount or during a certain part of the year. When you hit peak season, you now have your product at a reduced cost and increased profit margin. Not a bad use right?

The trick is to find a direct funding source,not a broker. With a broker you’ll pay all kinds of junk fees and pay a high amount for repayment. With a direct funding source they mak their money by advancing you the money, not through fees.

So if you’re a small business owner in need for business capital, a business cash cash advance may be your ticket.

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